The Falcon Trail

This trail is a part of the Carolina Thread Trail ( The Trail is mostly natural surface and is 2.67 miles in length and is one way. There are small segments of sidewalk (475 feet) and pavement (100 feet). The trail is mostly wooded but also has some attractive lake and agricultural views. A nice feature of the trail is a covered bridge which crosses Richfield Lake. There are two trail entrances, one at Richfield Park and one at the intersection of US 52 and Wesley Chapel Road in Misenheimer. There are restrooms in the gym on Pfeiffer’s campus and in Richfield Park. Parking is available at both entrances and Richfield Park has picnic tables and other amenities. Aside from the amenities at Richfield Park, one can view Gibson Lake on Pfeiffer’s Campus and also its historic buildings. The Gladstone Academy is close to Pfeiffer’s campus as is the Barringer Mine property which is privately owned and unavailable to the public. The Barringer Mine was the first shaft mine in the United States. There is a Coffee/Ice Cream shop and multiple restaurants near the trail entrance at Richfield Park.


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Directions to Trail Parking

Considerable parking is available in Richfield Park. See the Richfield Park section for driving directions to the park. Signs inside the Park direct you to trail parking. Pfeiffer University is in Misenheimer on US 52 1.2 miles north of Richfield. Trail parking for five cars is located in the lot next to the US Post Office on the edge of the University campus.

Future Trails

Work is underway to acquire an additional 6.75 miles of trail so that trail will connect the communities of Misenheimer, Richfield, and New London and extend from Glenmore Road north of Misenheimer to North Stanly High School south of New London (a total of 9.5 miles).

Friends for North Stanly Trails and Parks

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