Friends of the North Stanly Trails and Parks, Inc.

The Friends are a 501c tax exempt organization. The primary purpose of the organization is to maintain trails in the North Stanly area. Parks are a secondary purpose. The Friends raise money through membership and special fund raising events. The Friends also recruit volunteers to help maintain the trail.

Board Membership

The current Board consists of three appointees by each of the three municipalities in the North Stanly area, In November, 2017, the membership will elect six Board members and each municipality will appoint one Board member. Currently Mike Riemann serves as Chairman, Calvin Gaddy serves as Vice-Chairman and Susan Almond serves as Secretary-Treasurer. Other Board members are Lee Allen, Terry Almond, Richard Cosgrove, Matt Lattis, Erik McGinnis, and Jim Misenheimer.


If you are interested in joining the Friends, please print the membership form and mail it to the organization at PO Box 882, Richfield, NC 28137. Click here to get the form.


If you have questions about the Friends, you may want to review the by-laws of the organization. Click here to see the by-laws.

List of Members

Click here to view our current members.

Friends for North Stanly Trails and Parks

PO Box 882
Richfield, NC 28137

Phone: 704-699-5515