Misenheimer Parks and Attractions

Misenheimer Trails

One entrance to The Falcon Trail is located in Misenheimer at the intersection of US 52 and Wesley Chapel Road. The trail, which is a part of the Carolina Thread Trail, connects with Richfield Park and is 2.67 miles long.

Area Attractions

Pfeiffer University

The Falcon Trail follows Curl Tail Creek through Pfeiffer land for 1.1 miles. Opportunities exist that allow one to exit the trail and visit Gibson Lake, or to visit the University athletic fields which frequently host events, or to stroll past buildings built in the late 1930’s and which are on the National Historic Buildings Register.

Gladstone Academy

The Gladstone Academy was established in the mid 1880’s and was a finishing school for young women. The school was run by the Episcopal branch of the United Methodist Church. In the early 1890’s, the Academy Building that now exists on Wesley Chapel Road was built. The building is located about 0.5 miles from Pfeiffer University. The building served as a school until 1916 when Mitchell School (now Pfeiffer University) came to the area. The building was then converted to a church and served as such until the 1930’s. In then began to be used for different purposes and then fell into disuse. The building was purchased by the Village of Misenheimer a few years ago and the Village has spent considerable money to stabilize and improve the building. It is a work in progress.

Stone Buildings

The Misenheimer and Richfield area produced quality stone workers who worked on projects all over the state. There are a number of buildings in the area which exhibit that stone work. One such building is the antique store at the end of The Falcon Trail in Misenheimer.

Store Photo

The Barringer Mine

The Barringer Mine is on private property and not available to the public. The location is near the Gladstone Academy. The mine was established in 1837 and became the first deep shaft mine in the United States. It closed around 1910 after the mine flooded and killed several miners. The mine was owned at the time by the Whitney Company which also owned the present Alcoa dams.

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