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The Falcon Trail is now in good enough shape that walkers, hikers and runners can now use the entire length of the trail. One bridge is still out but that area is easy to negotiate and we still must build a new ramp onto the main bridge. We have made temporary steps off the main bridge where the ramp was located. The trail is still not biker friendly in the Pfeiffer area. For bikers, the main bridge requires a carry and three foot bridges need be leveled to trail. Our goal for this week is to get the last remaining foot bridge back in place and level all foot bridges to trail. There are still two small sections with leaves and twigs that we hope to clear. By the first weekend in October, the only remaining obstacle should be the missing ramp on the main bridge which will require a step down. Posted 9/28/2018

Our trails are a part of the Carolina Thread Trail system.


The communities of Misenheimer, Richfield and New London are seeking to acquire and build nine plus miles of natural trail which will link the three communities together. This trail is part of the Carolina Thread Trail, a fifteen county initiative and 1500 miles of planned interlinking trail. The first section of the trail to be built (2.67 miles) is The Falcon Trail which joins Misenheimer and the lower part of Richfield Park. Click here for details of the Trail.

Richfield Parks and Area Attractions

Richfield Park is a 102-acre park with multiple amenities. It has trails including The Falcon Trail, which is a part of the Carolina Thread Trail system. The park also offers picnic shelters, fishing and disc golf. The park has multiple baseball and softball fields. Click here for details about the Park and area.

New London Parks and Area Attractions

New London has an existing small park on Main Street which offers picnic tables and playground equipment. Land has been donated to the town for an 18 acre park. At this time there are no existing trails in the community but a future portion of the Thread Trail is planned which will pass through New London. Click here for details about the parks and area.

Misenheimer Area Attractions

Misenheimer has a large section of the Falcon Trail. The trail runs through Pfeiffer University property. Most of the North campus of the University is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. Misenheimer is also home to the historic Barringer Mine which was established in 1835 and was the first underground mine in the United States. The Gladstone Academy building, an old school house, was built in 1892 but was in operation earlier. Click here for details about these attractions.

Friends of North Stanly Trails and Parks

The Friends primary function is to raise funds to maintain trails in Northern Stanly County. The Friends also secure volunteers to work on the trails. Details on who the Friends are, what the organization is and how it operates can be found by clicking here.

Friends for North Stanly Trails and Parks

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